Monday, July 15, 2013

Couple's OOTD --Meet the Boyfriend!

    Meet the man behind my bloom and strength

     I can't tell you our whole story for now, I'm reserving it for a very special day. But just for an overview, he's Randy Benigno, *6 years old (better guess how old is he!),we've been together for 6 years and 4 months. He's a Pastor (I'm a proud future pastor's wife!), and also a very great photographer (No bias! a lot of people will agree with me!) and a very good Musician -- Guitarist to be exact. =)

    Enough! Let's proceed! =)


     Randy is a very simple man. He doesn't wear anything more than shirt, pants and rubber shoes. But he is very keen when it terms to quality. He very much prefers Penshoppe clothes, his polo shirt and pants are both from Penshoppe. Their fabric's color doesn't fade out. The collar and sleeve parts doesn't turn into "bacon-like". He had this polo shirt since january 2013, and until now, the color and fabric's quality are still very good! Also, he's wearing a Nike Anodyne DS in Gray and Black. As what I've said, he is more into comfort and quality, and he is some sort of "abusive" with his clothes and shoes, and surprisingly, Penshoppe's and Nike's products SURVIVED! =)

     My turn! My neon aqua top and leopard print scarf are both from Terranova. It's odd to match an animal print to a neon, but WHY NOT?! Opposites attract I believe. To keep everything down and simple, I chose my black straight cut pants from Promod, and my new favorite -- studded flats from Shoebox. Watch from Casio, model db360.

Don't be afraid to explore! Wear whatever make you feel beautiful. Don't let any fad or vogue control you, but have them as inspiration! Enjoy! =)

Loves and Blessings,
Jerose <3

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